Sunday, 13 November 2011

About KoA

Korean Alliance against the KorUS FTA (KoA) is one of the largest umbrella body in South Korea, made up of over three hundreds organizations including trade unioins, farmers' groups, NGOs, students, and social movements groups to oppose the proposed Korea-US FTA (KorUS FTA). We aim to

  • reveal the true meaning and implications of FTA on people's daily life;
  • believe in mobilizing the masses, from bottom up, against the KorUS FTA and globalization;
  • work to coordinate and strengthen solidarity between diverse movements and sectors to stop the highly flawed KorUS FTA;
  • analyze the potential impacts the proposed KorUS FTA may bring about in our society; and
  • consolidate international solidarity with global movements against neoliberalism, WTO and FTAs.

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