Wednesday, 16 April 2014

TPP International Symposium and Strategy Forum

1. Goals
  • Where TPP negotiation is in now
  • What is its impact on domestic industries and strategy of the damaged people to come up with TPP
  • International solidarity against TPP
  • Mobilizing pubic disapproval against TPP
2. International Symposium
  • Date: 9:30 AM, 18 April, 2014
  • Vanue: Seminar Room #3, Korea National Assembly Hall building, Seoul
  • Sponsors
  • Congressmen from the New Politics Alliance for Democracy, the Unified Progressive Party and the Justice Party
  • Civil society organizations: People's Solidarity for Participatory Democracy, Korea Alliance For Progressive Movement, Korean Fedreation of Medical Groups for Health Rights, Korean Confederation of Trade Unions, Power of People, Korean Peasant League, Korean Women Peasant Association, IPLeft, JinboNet
  • Host: Korean Alliance against TPP-FTA

  •  Speaker

1) The TPP Trap (Lori Wallach, “Public Citizen”, US)

2) Implications of the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement (Jane Kelsey, the University of Auckland, New Zealand)

3) Effects of TPP on agriculture (Mashima, La Via Campesina, Japan)

4) Japanese movement against TPP (Ichmura,“People’s Movement against TPP”, Japan )

5) Korean government’s interest in participating in TPP and counter strategy (Jejoon Ju)
  • Penalists
1) Seockun Woo (Public Health)
2) Sangbum Seo (Law)
3) Heesob (IP)
4) Farmers Group
5) Labor Union

3. Roundtable Discussion with Member of the Korea National Assembly
  • Date: 12:30 PM, 18 April, 2014
  • Vanue: Restrauant, Korea National Assembly Hall building, Seoul

4. Strategy Meeting against TPP
  • Date: 10AM, 19 April, 2014
  • Vanue: Meeting Room #2, The National Assembly Hall
  • Speaker
Yamada Hugio (People’s Movement against TPP, Japan)
  • Side presentation
1) Lori Wallach
2) Jane Kelsey
4) LVC
5) Korea Alliance against TPP/FTA

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